News from the Peters Group

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Chemistry Honors
Posted on: Apr. 30, 2015

Several Peters group members were recognized at the Chemistry Honors Banquet. Robert \"Bo\" Henderson is on the Senior Honor Roll, was inducted in Phi Beta Kappa, and was recognized for completing his G410 Senior Research Thesis and the Chemistry Honors Program. John Rose is also on the Honor Roll. Dr. Erick Pasciak was recognized for his Briscoe Teaching Scholar Fellowship. Erin Martin was recognized for her Robert and Majorie Mann Recruiting Fellowship, and additionally was recognized with an Associate Instructor Award! Congratulations to all!

Congrats to Dr. Strawsine!
Posted on: Mar. 26, 2015

We congratulate Dr. Lauren Strawsine on successfully defending her thesis today!

Lauren Strawsine\\\'s Final PhD. Defense
Posted on: Mar. 24, 2015

On Thursday March 26, Lauren will be defending her thesis titled \"Catalysis with a Silver Lining: mechanisms, reactivity, and adsorption phenomena for electrochemical reduction of organic halides at silver cathodes.\" The seminar will take place at 2:30 pm in Chemistry C033.

Erin Martin Analytical Seminar
Posted on: Feb. 26, 2015

Erin Martin will be presenting her A800 seminar to the department on Tuesday, March 3 at 4:00 in C033. Her talk is titled \"Full-field X-ray Fluorescence by Means of a Color X-ray Camera.\"

Fifth-semester Seminar
Posted on: Oct. 30, 2014

Caitlyn McGuire will be giving her fifth-semester seminar today at 2:30 in Chemistry C033, titled \"Electrochemical Reduction of Legacy Pollutants at Silver Cathodes.\"