News from the Peters Group

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Posted on: Oct. 22, 2012

We returned from a sucessful ECS PRIME conference in Honolulu, Hawaii that Angela and Lizzy earned ECS travel grants for. Now it is time to put everyone\'s suggestions to work.

Welcome C500 students
Posted on: Oct. 22, 2012

We are welcoming Ben Hull, Curtis Blaser, and Caitlyn McGuire to our group for fall 2012.

Summertime Friends
Posted on: Aug. 03, 2012

Dr. Mohammad Mubarak from the University of Jordan and Tristan Dresback from Belgium are visiting our lab for the summer.

New Members
Posted on: Aug. 03, 2012

Our lab is welcoming two new undergraduate members, Tyler Barnes and Carey Wagoner.

Posted on: Aug. 03, 2012

Angela was recently published in Analytical Chemistry! Look for her paper titled Electrochemical Determination of Trihalomethanes in Water by Means of Stripping Analysis, in Anal Chem., 2012, 84, 6110.